The Domain J.BOULON exists since 6 generations or approximately since 1850, dates when Joseph GACHOT buys the property and cultivates some hectares of vineyards, possess meadows and fields. Afterward, Jean BOULON, Louis BOULON then Joseph BOULON are going to try hard to make live this estate by enlarging it little by little to have a more important structure.


It is in 1973 that Joseph BOULON decides to be bottling some barrels to value better his production and diversify his mode of marketing. He sells first his wine to the friends which appreciates it, and which make it discover to other friends and so on. It is the beginning of the direct sale in bottle in the Domain J.BOULON.


In 1978, after the wedding of Jacques and Françoise, the domain account 6 Ha de vines, essentially in Beaujolais. For 30 years, Jacques and Françoise are going to value, to develop and to improve their circuit of marketing and the domain. They will buy many hectares and will not stop increasing the direct sale. They will build a new vat room in 1986, completely in stainless vat, will equip themselves with a truck for the deliveries and with a pneumatic press for a better quality of the wine. They product around 100 000 bottles sold in France, exclusively to private individuals is 100 % of the annual production.


With the arrival of Ludivine and Hugo in 2005, the domain grows again, it counts from now on 27 Ha (6 Ha of Morgon, 11Ha of Beaujolais, 1 Ha of Moulin à vent and 9 Ha of Chardonnay). The export sales become the priority for the expansion of the marketing with always the same meaning of the quality, the appreciation of its product in the respect for the soil and for the tradition.


From now on more than 35 years, the Domain J.BOULON tries hard to make recognize regarding direct sale in bottle its know-how, its progression and its image and the quality of its wines. Then do not hesitate any more, taste and appreciate wines of Beaujolais of the Domain J.BOULON.

Domaine J. Boulon

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